Jishan has centuries-old history and many famous persons. Jishan Group is named by Jishan and is incumbent on the inheriting of developing Jishan.
      During more than 20 years' development, the industry of Jishan Group such as textile, biochemistry and the real estate formed its structure that is beautifully, healthy and warmly.
      The management Idea----'Innovation is the source and credit is the root', Jishan's staffs doomed to pursue 'endless innovation, sincerity in everywhere'. The spirit of Jishan is 'Hardworking, Efficiency, Practical and Innovation', which will follow Jishan Group the journey of inheritance and development. The customer value maximization is the basic reason of existence and development of Jishan Group. The internationalization capital operation and the strategic development make Jishan Group to have to face the talented person earnestly seeking in the period of The Second Task Starting.
      Let us be together hand in hand to create the beauty, health and warmth for a harmonious society's construction.