Jishan Strategy     

Interaction of Production and Selling, Promoting Production by Selling

 Giving Prominence to Main Business, High Quality and New Variety

        Wining Benefit by Management, Coexistence and Mutual Benefit 

    Jishan Group has passed through a developing transform process from manufacture and processing enterprise to manufacture and selling enterprise. Enhancement in production volume and quality-keeping capacity gives a strong support for selling. Meanwhile, increase of sales volume provides market insurance for output and quality aggrandizement. "Interaction of Production and Selling" is the basic developing mode;"Promoting Production by Selling" is the strategic key point. "Expanding trade, service sales" is Jishan's permanent theme. 
   Jishan Group is a diversified group engaged in textile, printing, dyeing, garment, biochemistry, real estate and international trade. Our strategic direction is "limited concerning diversification under support of core specialty and core industry"; our key target is "giving prominence to main business". We are going to take foreign export as guide to pull the industrial chain of textile, printing and dyeing and garments. We will try more effort to enhance product developing cooperation capacity and quality insurance capacity. We will depend on high quality and new variety to build up our core specialty and life the whole competitive capacity.
   Different from other enterprises in target, Jishan Group pursues "coexistence and mutual benefit" for all sides including staffs, clients, suppliers, investors, managers and society. Wining Benefit by Management is to take people as foundation, increase efficiency and save cost. The best method of mutual benefit is careful and devoted management.