Enterprise background: Founded in 1986, Jishan Group is a real estate-based enterprise group company with 1,000 employees. Its entity company "China Jishan Holdings" is listed on the main board of overseas Singapore.
     The company promotes the business philosophy of "integrity-based" and innovation-oriented, and advocates the entrepreneurial spirit of "diligent, efficiency, pragmatism and innovation." After more than 30 years of concentrated development, it has successively achieved the "Best Governance Company of the Year for Singapore-listed Chinese Companies" Awards, "National High-tech Enterprise", "Shaoxing Real Estate Annual Most Influential Brand Housing Enterprise", "Shaoxing Real Estate Annual Regional Influential Real Estate" and many other honors.
     In 2013, Jishan Group and Binjiang Group made a 370,000 square meters of high-end low-density large-scaled riverside jade garden which surrounded the Huancheng River in the three bays of the southwestern Shaoxing plate. They made in Binjiang, making 7,000 square meters of the most luxurious clubhouse in Shaoxing and a French-style residence in the southwest of Dingcheng City. Benchmarking.
     In 2015, it received a high-quality residential plot in the south of Shaoxing. The project is about to start, creating more than 1,000 acres of resort and hotel projects, and creating a multi-functional high-end health resort.
     At the end of 2019, the company bases on creating a good living space for the city. In the southwestern area of Shaoxing, it has planned and designed a low-density row house boutique residential project on three sides-Fuhui Garden, which is about to come out and paint a human settlement.
     In 2020, the company condensed for decades of precision work, and made a huge 480,000-square-meter super market on the main axis of Jinke Bridge-Jinyue Jiu, which became the largest real estate in Kebei, covering three major products of business offices, row houses and high-rise villas. The superior geographical location is to become the landmark "Ronghang to Shanghai demonstration area" of Shaoxing.